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Graph View

Dendron provides support for graph view using a fork of the markdown-links extension.

The Dendron graph view is generated using our hierarchical index. It also shows different relationships than most of the graph views youโ€™re probably used to.

Instead of showing edges as links between nodes, Dendron edges are the hierarchical relationships between your notes. Think of it as a 20,000 foot view of the structure of your knowledge base.

Note that this command is not optimized for performance and you might notice slowdowns if you have more than a few hundred notes. If you are running into performance issues, please upvote this issue to prioritize the performance work!


Dendron: Show Note Graph

Launch the command bar (see link for info): > Dendron: Show Note Graph

Show your note hierarchies visually in a graph.

Dendron: Show Schema Graph

Launch the command bar (see link for info): > Dendron: Show Schema Graph

Show your note schemas visually in a graph. Schemas will be labelled by their title attribute. If title is not set, default to its id.

Dendron: Reload Graphs

Reload all graphs. Use this when you update a schema or add/remove files from within your workspace.

  • NOTE: This command acts over all open graph panels. If you have closed a panel, you must re-open it for Dendron to reload it