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The default dendron workspace comes with the to snippet that expands to - [ ]. You can use this to quickly create bulleted checkboxes.

Interactive Checkboxes

Markdown preview renders an empty checkbox for any line that starts with - [ ]. A checked checkbox is rendered for lines starting with - [x]. Clicking a checkbox changes its state in the markdown file.

General Workflows

When working with todos sometimes you need more states than unfinished|finished. Below are three different workflows to delineate todo state.

Inside the Checkbox

  • put state in checkbox
  • note that custom checkbox states such as [w] are displayed as plain text in markdown previews. Todo lists of this type look best in the editor.
- [ ] : not started
- [w] : work in progress
- [x] : done
- [?] : feedback
- [>] : postponed

Kanban Based

  • put state in a header
# wip
- [ ] foo

# pending
- [ ] bar

# done
- [ ] baz

Tag Based

  • put tags in todo items
- [ ] foo #wip
- [ ] bar #feedback
- [ ] baz

Reordering tasks

When working with lines, you can move entire lines at a time using option-up|down shortcut on mac. This is really helpful for prioritizing todos among other things βœ…

Kevin’s Workflow

This is a video of how Kevin manages todos in Dendron. It goes over the following:


Below are some of the settings used in the above video

  • non-default settings
"settings": {
    "dendron.defaultJournalDateFormat": "Y.MM.DD",
    "dendron.defaultScratchDateFormat": "Y.MM.DD-HHmmss",
  • snippets used
  "todo": {
    "prefix": "to",
    "scope": "markdown",
    "body": "- [ ] ",
    "description": "todo box"
  • search editor command used
    "key": "ctrl+s t",
    "command": "search.action.openNewEditor",
    "args": {
      "query": "## Tasks",
      "triggerSearch": false,
      "focusResults": false,
      "includes": "*.journal.*"

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