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Special Notes

Dendron has builtin support for a variety of special note formats. These notes can be created using regular lookup - these commands provide convenient shortcuts for frequently used notes.

Daily Journal

The daily journal helps you keep a journal for each day of the year. By default, it will create the journal under daily.{date} though this is configurable by setting the dendron.dailyJournalDomain.

You can create a daily journal using > Dendron: Create Daily Journal Note or Cmd+Shift+I shortcut.

Journal Note

A journal note is a self contained note that is meant to track something over time. Examples of journals include recording workout sessions, making meeting notes, and keeping a mood journal.

To create a journal note, trigger a lookup and then click on the calendar icon.

By default, Dendron will create the journal note with the following hierarchy {domain}.journal.{Y-MM-DD}. {domain} is the domain of the current active note when you execute New Journal Note.

Scratch Note

A scratch note is a self contained note that is meant to be used as scratchpad. Use it for thoughts or when you want to expand on a bullet point. Scratch notes are created in the scratch domain and have the following format: {domain}.journal.{Y-MM-DD-HHHHmmss}.


All special notes support the following configuration options

  • NodeType has the value of Journal or Scratch


Determines the node name.


  • Journal: journal
  • Scratch: scratch


Determines the date format.


  • Journal: Y-MM-DD
  • Scratch: Y-MM-DD-HHmmss


Determines how note is added in relation to current hierarchy. Say you have the following schema:

- id: pro
  parent: root
  namespace: true

Possible values:

  • childOfDomain
    • note is added as child of the domain of the current hierarchy
    • eg:
      • current open note:
      • path of new journal note:
  • childOfDomainNamespace
    • note is added as child of the namespace of the current domain if it has a namespace. otherwise behaves the same as childOfDomain
    • eg:
      • current open note:
      • path of new journal note:
  • childOfCurrent
    • note is added as a child of the current open note
      • current open note:
      • path of new journal note:
  • asOwnDomain
    • note is created under the domain specified by the dendron.default{NodeType}Name config value
    • eg:
      • current open note:
      • config: dendron.defaultJournalNoteName: "journal"
      • path of new journal note:


  • Journal: childOfDomain
  • Scratch: asOwnDomain