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2020-11-08 Release Notes (version 0.15)

Dendron 0.15 is here 🌱



I’m thrilled to announce our latest Dendrologist! Meet Luke (@lukecarrier#2081) 👨‍🌾

Hey 👋 I’m Luke and I’m going to be picking up some development work. Ask me about the markdown editing experience, publishing and integrating external tools.

Dendrologist are active members of the Dendron community. They play a vital role in helping new members get started and setting best practices for Dendron and its community.

Dendrologist help shape Dendron’s roadmap and community standards. They also gain additional discord super powers like creating channels, pinning messages, and other moderation capabilities.

In the Works





Dendron Web UI 🚧

During office hours and onboardings, many of you said how you loved Dendron’s functionality but wished that it was a little easier to use, especially on the UI front.

This is why I’m excited to introduce Dendron’s first Web UI - an interface build using modern web technologies integrated into VSCode.

This initial launch features the Dendron Configuration editor. Prior to the UI, you would have to manually edit YAML to update the configuration. With the web ui, you no longer have to understand YAML and your changes will be validated before being saved.

The configuration editor is just the first step in making Dendron easier to use and expect to see more updates on this front soon.

Note that the Web UI is still deemed experimental and functionality like keyboard shortcuts currently don’t work.

Special thanks to Tyler Nieman for the UI work!

  • shortcuts: none

Modify Dendron Config using Dendron UI


  • update config commands (44dce76)
  • enable rename with multi-vault (e26b294)
  • tree view and backlinks panel no longer appear when Dendron is not active (thank you Christopher Corley)

Bug Fixes

  • rename would fail if backlink existed at root note
  • numerous fixes to refactor hierarchy

House Cleaning

  • the Dendron: Configure command will now launch the config editor with the web ui
  • the old Dendron: Configure command as been renamed to Dendron: Configure (yaml)



You can now preview notes and references inside the editor as a hover without ever opening the link. Previews are compatible with note references and will show references as inlined markdown.

Bug Fixes

  • workbench: copy header cmd will sometimes chop of last character (34c2530)
  • markdown: relative links sometimes don’t resolve (c1ffa54)

Work in Progress



  • language: better completion on partial links (e7489b3)
  • workbench: remove color theme and minimap presets (6b6bd8d)
  • publishing: support relative links in publishing (d7d612d)
  • notes: rename the frontmatter title when note is renamed (32c77a1)
  • workbench: auto upgrade deprecated workspace settings

Bug Fixes

  • language: re-enable preview functionality when peeking at a definition (afe71c4)
  • language: creating a note by going to its definition now respects schema templates
  • workbench: initialize dendron in the absence of a workspace file (c1aabb4)
  • workbench: cancel adding a vault if input is blank (86baed6)
  • pods: publish issue when multi-vault is enabled (cc50327)
  • ui: note will show up in wrong place in treeview when multi-vault is enabled (6daeebc)


  • NOTE: with this change, Dendron now has all the functionality of Dendron Markdown Notes built-in (and then some). To make sure you get the new link functionality, uninstall Dendron Markdown Notes



You can now navigate to a specific section within a note using relative wiki links: [[foo#header]]

Note that the header is expected in github slug format. This means that spaces and special characters should be replaced with -.

  • NOTE: Relative wiki links currently don’t work in the markdown-preview

Similarly to copying a note ref, if you select any part of a header while running Copy Note Link, a relative wiki-link will be automatically generated.

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+c
    • mac: cmd+shift+c
    • when: editorFocus

Copy wiki link to note

Link related features like navigation and auto complete can now detect notes in all vaults.

When the same note exists in multiple vaults, Dendron will show you a prompt to pick the note you want to navigate to.

You can now auto complete notes that have aliases. This was a common issue for folks that were using pretty tags

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with creating notes with same name in a new vault

House Cleaning

  • remove dependency on markdown-notes


Bug Fixes

  • new dendron installation missing welcome note



Better Lookup Performance 🚀 🚀 🚀

We’ve made a whole bunch of optimizations to make lookup hum. You should notice everything about it feel a little faster now


  • lookup: multiple lookup optimizations(f14eed8)
  • lookup: intelligently debounce queries (2f0ac56)


  • update getting started (af5dde9)
    • instead of 100+ notes, new vaults will be initialized with a single quickstart note (with links to the 100+ notes)
  • better logging (2d7fd78)
    • let logs talk for you the next time you submit an issue (no 🌲 harmed in this process)
  • nicer error messages (e1e87a1)
    • we’ll let you know if you need to submit an issue instead of giving you the silent treatment
  • keep old log files (3f1362c)
    • dendron currently wipes all logs on startup. this change makes it keep around the last log for debugging purposes

Bug Fixes

  • creating scratch notes can sometimes fail (c31c611)
  • sync issues btw server and client nodes that would cause certain commands to fail (a446aba)



Experimental Multi-Vault Support

(Early Experimental ) Multi Vault Support is here! Multi Vault lets you add additional vaults to your Dendron workspace.

Each vault is logically separate (they reside in separate directories) but can be universally queried using lookup.

Multi vault enables a bunch of exciting use cases.

  • for sensitive notes, multi-vault enables local only vaults vs vaults that can are synced on file sharing services like dropbox
  • for modularizing knowledge, multi-vault enables users to mix and match existing vaults depending on context
  • for federating and curating knowledge, multi-vault enables users to publish/subscribe to public vaults using protocols like git
  • for access control, multi-vault lets users configure specific vaults to be private which turns off publication and sharing of any notes inside said vault

Currently, the following commands are supported with multi-vault:

  • Lookup
  • Deleting a Note
  • Navigating to a note using Tree View

Other commands like rename/refactor will still work when performed in your primary vault. They will probably not work if performed against a note not inside your primary vault.

When you use Lookup to create a new note with multi vault, the note will be created inside the same vault as the current opened note. Lookup will also show you the vault that each note belongs to while performing lookup.

Currently known issues (with supported commands):

  • unable to create a note using Lookup that has the same name as an existing note inside any of your vaults
  • unable to navigating to the root of a vault using Tree View

Vault Add Command

Add a new vault to your workspace.

Vault Remove Command

Remove a vault from your workspace. Note that the underlying files wil not be deleted - the vault will lose its association with your workspace.


Bug Fixes

  • engine: init with empty config won’t throw error (7beb90f)
  • engine: don’t delete old note if new note wasn’t created by rename (de44f9f)
  • notes: fix issue when importing note that already exists (a08a34a)

House Cleaning

  • vault metadata will be added to dendron.yml
  • dendron.yml comments will be stripped on workspace initialization



  • refs: wildcard note ref links (98a1177)

Note references now accept the * operator at the end which lets you grab all notes of a given level of hierarchy. This also works with typical note reference operation like block selection which means you can use it to grab specific blocks from every note in a level.

Dendron: Configure Command

  • workbench: add configure command (db51dc3)

This is a quick way to update the dendron.yml file. You can run it by using Dendron: Configure

Bug Fixes

  • notes: fix issue when importing note that already exists (a08a34a)

House Cleaning

  • add file under workspace to store workspace specific metadata




  • pods: better markdown import pod (d1eaa264)
    • address multiple edge cases that would cause import pod to fail
    • auto-convert wiki-links from folder-based systems like obsidian into dendron
  • cli: launch engine server using cli (25eae3f)


Launch the dendron server. Useful for development purposes or to launch the server in a specified port

dendron-cli launchEngineServer --wsRoot ~/Dendron/ --vaults ~/Dendron/vault --port 3005
  • workspace: write server port in workspace (6a0ff84)
    • used by bundled extensions to talk to dendron server
  • engine: add sync method (ec58d39)
    • used by bundled extensions to talk to dendron server

Bug Fixes

  • engine: properly handle * in refs when refactoring (704a14f)
  • workbench: fix daily journal note command signature (5ec96ef)

0.14.1 (2020-11-05)


  • lookup: copy note link cmd (e38743d)

Copy the results of a lookup as a wikilink.

Lookup Multi-Select Modifier

  • lookup: support multi-select (b409c05)

You can toggle multi-select within lookup. This lets you work with multiple notes at once. You can combine this with other modifiers like splitType and the copyWikiLink modifier.

House Cleaning

Code Cleanup

With the server migration behind us, we took some time to make Dendron more hygenic by removing old code and consolidating existing code. All in all, we eliminated ~8k lines. If you are currently working on a branch, I suggest you merge with master to get the latest changes 😅

  • before cleanup
Language                     files          blank        comment           code
JSON                            73              6              0          72744
TypeScript                     246           3089           3089          31790
Markdown                        50           4682              0           5947
JavaScript                      16            168             76           1349
Bourne Shell                    23             40              9            179
YAML                            13              3              3            158
CSS                              2             17             32             72
HTML                             1              0              0             14
SVG                              1              0              0             12
SUM:                           425           8005           3209         112265
  • after cleanup
Language                     files          blank        comment           code
JSON                            73              6              0          72745
TypeScript                     224           2343           1810          24352
Markdown                        34           4772              0           5974
JavaScript                      16            168             76           1349
Bourne Shell                    24             40              9            181
YAML                             6              3              3             78
CSS                              2             17             32             72
HTML                             1              0              0             14
SVG                              1              0              0             12
SUM:                           381           7349           1930         104777