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Getting Started

Before you begin, you need to make sure to have the following SDKs and tools:

The basic commands to get the repository cloned and built locally follow:

git clone
cd dendron
npm install

Build Code Plugin

  • you should run this when building dendron for the first time and also every time you run a git pull
    • new dependencies might have been picked up between pulls and this makes sure that they are installed
  • we recommend you use vscode to develop for dendron. there is a dendron.code-workspace file in the root of the monorepo that you should use when developing


You shouldn’t need to use this in case something goes wrong with a build step or you want to save time by not running everything, is just a thin wrapper around the following scripts, each of which can be run individually

  • ./bootstrap/scripts/ lerna bootstrap all packages
  • ./bootstrap/scripts/ lerna build all packages
  • initialize template repo (this bundles the latest dendron-template with the plugin so that the right notes are initialized when a user creates their first workspace)
 cd packages/plugin-core/


To continuously compile all dependencies, run the following