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2020-11-01 Release Notes (version 0.14)

Dendron 0.14 is here 🌱

At 14, Dendron might not yet be old enough to vote (if you are old enough and in the USA, please do that next week) but it is coming out of preview 🥳

Concretely, this means a few things:

  1. Dendron is announcing our Environmentalist plan, a 100% optional monthly subscription for users who like to support us financially
  2. Dendron will now commit to a regular release cycle. New releases will go out at the beginning of every week. Environmentalist will get access to early builds and features every few days.
  3. Dendron will have a deprecation policy for all non-experimental (🚧) features. Any potentially breaking changes will first be deprecated and users will have at least a week’s notice before a breaking change is made.
  4. Dendron is dropping the preview label

As part of getting out of preview, we are launching on Product Hunt, a popular online catalogue for new products. If Dendron has been helpful in your life, we would appreciate it 🙏 if you could leave us some comments there. This will help new people discover our community!

Dendron - A better way to know | Product Hunt


  • complete server migration for all users
  • create snapshots of your vault and restore them back to a specific point in time
  • introduce Environmentalist Plans for folks that want to support Dendron financially
  • add publishing capability to pods (with ability to publish to json and regular markdown)
  • support creating generated table of contents when publishing
  • realtime schema validation when saving
  • numerous enhancements
  • numerous bug fixes
  • better handling of errors and failures


  • new roles

    • introduce the Environmentalist role, created for folks that are keeping Dendron sustainable through a monthly contribution
      • Britt Selvitelle (@britt#3020)
      • Tom Diaz (@TomD#7339)
      • Kiran Pathakota (@kpats#8761)
      • Cristian Caratti (@ccaratti#2465)
      • Ken Sonoda (@ksoda#9504)
      • Adam Howard (@A Howard#8010)
      • Ladd Hoffmab (@Bassmann#5300)
      • Fayçal MITIDJI (@bsqrd#9701)
      • Tyler Nieman (@tsnieman#6157)
      • Ilana Lin (@ilana#7242)
      • Luke Roslanowski (@lukecarrier#2081)
      • Huw Millar
      • Martin Stemplinger
    • introducing the Horticulturalist role, created for folks who have contributed to the Dendron code base
      • Britt Selvitelle (@britt#3020)
      • Luke Roslanowski (@lukecarrier#2081)
  • we now have a new community section on our website that highlights the work and roles of our members

House Keeping

  • dendron.noServerMode setting has been removed
  • Dendron docs has been re-organized to be less overwhelming (if you have an links bookmarked, they will still all work because of Dendron’s permanent links)


  • Dendron office hours: this will be additional slots you can book outside of the initial onboarding to go over specific workflows. More details and schedule to follow in next week’s release!
  • Dendron Multi Vault Support
  • Better migration workflows from other tools into Dendron


Last and most of all, a big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release.




Add Contribute Command


  • shortcuts: none

Become an environmentalist and keep Dendron sustainable

This command takes you to Dendron’s Environmentalist plans. Environmentalists are users that can support Dendron financially through a monthly contribution. Environmentalist get access to insider builds, priority support, and access to exclusive dev channels.

Add Snapshot Capability to Dendron


You can make a snapshot of your entire vault using the Snapshot Vault Command.

This will save all your vaults into snapshots/{current_timestamp}

0.13.5 (2020-10-28)

Bug Fixes

  • workbench: tree view can delete notes with caps (d37926d)

0.13.4 (2020-10-28)


Migrate Existing Workspaces to Server Mode

This is the last phase in Dendron’s server mode migration. All new workspaces are already running in server mode as well as well as users that have opted into it. This update transparently migrates remaining workspaces to server mode.

As a reminder, server mode is a re-architecture of Dendron that enables both better performance and a vast array of new features.

Finally, we do have an escape valve in things something goes terribly wrong. You can set the following option to revert server mode behavior. If you end up using this, please also cut as a ticket or a message in discord.


  • notes: selection2link will auto generate a title based on the selection (9964339)

  • workbench: graceful failure on bad schema (4db5064)
    • instead of refusing to initialize, Dendron will skip bad schemas and generate an error report post-startup
  • workbench: nicer error messages (9e371e1)
    • certain errors now have human friendly messages instead of JSON goop

Bug Fixes

  • workbench: read json config with comments (1741553)
    • Dendron gets sad if your workspace has comments



Dendron now has a new role -> the Horticulturalist. These are folks who have contributed to the Dendron code base: 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

Kudos to @britt#3020 and @lukecarrier#2081 for being the first to earn this distinction!


Excited to welcome a new dendrologist –> @I’m a lightbulb#6986

@I’m a lightbulb#6986 was one of our earliest users and one of the first to publish using dendron.

As a reminder, dendrologist are active members of the community who are recognized with said title and a few additional discord super powers.

0.13.3 (2020-10-24)


Direct Child Filter

  • lookup: support direct child filter (1cae082)

By default, unless you are at the root of your workspace, dendron does a fuzzy search of all notes that match your current hierarchy prefix. This is useful to see your entire sub-tree in one glance but can be overwhelming if you have a lot of notes.

Dendron’s directChildFilter is a toggle that limits lookup to just the next level in the tree. This is useful for exploring your hierarchy one level at a time.

  • you can create a keyboard shortcut to do a lookup with the direct child filter pre-selected


    Filter notes that show up during looup


  • publish: be able to set config for all hierarchies (a27d94a)


    Per hierarchy specific config. To set options for all hierarchies, set {hiearchy name} to root.

  {hierarchy name}: {hierarchy options}

The list of possible options:

  • publishByDefault: boolean, default: true
    • if set to false, dendron will only publish notes within the hierarchy that have published: true set in the frontmatter
  • noindexByDefault: boolean, default: false
    • if set to true, dendron will add the following meta tag <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow”> which will tell google to not index your page
    • when google indexes a page, it will penalize sites that have duplicate content from other sites. this is useful if you are using your hiearchy as a cache
  • customFrontmatter: list, default: []
    • if set, dendron will add the specified frontmatter to each published note in the hierarchy. note that this will override existing keys with the same name when publishing
    • eg. add toc: true to all notes published under the iam.* hierarchy
            customFrontmatter: [
                key: "toc",
                value: true,


  • schema: add custom props from schema template (5264544)

Schema templates let you designate a note as a template. Newly created notes that match a schema with a template will have both the contents and custom frontmatter of the template note applied at creation.

This is extremely useful whenever you want to re-use the outline of a note. Examples include daily journals, weekly shopping lists, and weekly reviews.

  • workbench: reload index re-create root if not exist (c66e242)
    • dendron requires and root.schema.yml to start indexing and would previously throw an error if these files were deleted
    • this change will create these files within the vault instead of throwing said error

Bug Fixes

  • comp:common-server: don’t throw error on missing log vars (9d00e55)
  • notes: refactor will miss links in newly created notes (c8a5dde)
  • lookup: don’t update lookup text unless a note btn is pressed (30140f7)
  • workbench: Doctor command will create two doc directories if no doc directory is found (43f7bfc9) –> ( 🙏 thanks to Britt for the pull request)

House Cleaning

Dendron: Change Workspace will no longer create a workspace if no workspace exists

Previously, if you wanted to use an existing folder (aka vault) with a workspace, we recommended you run Change Workspace which would create a Dendron workspace inside the folder if it didn’t exist. This turns out to be an anti-pattern that interferes with features like publishing which expect the workspace to be in a separate folder from its vaults.

0.13.2 (2020-10-22)


Pod Publishing

  • pods: add publish pod cmd (8947a60)

In addition to import and export, you can now also publish notes with pods.

Publishing lets you take one note and output it into a different format/destination.

For example, you might want to use our markdown pod to take a note with note references and publish it as a regular markdown note to use in a github issue or another tool.

Future uses of the publish method will be taking a note and publishing it to social media (eg. twitter, facebook, linkedin), publishing it to Gmail, and publishing to destinations like Medium and

Realtime Schema Validation

  • schemas: realtime schema validation (server mode) (42191bcd)

You will now get a warning if you are trying to save a badly formatted schema.


  • publishing: preserve abbreviations (06d9191) –> thank you Luke Carrier for the pull request
  • pods: add json publish pod (127dd7c)
  • pods: add markdown publish pod (127dd7c)
  • pods: update placeholder text (57a4af8)
  • refs: render error when ref doesn’t exist (ba1be1a)


  • dendron.pod.file has been renamed dendron.markdown
  • dendron.pod.json has been renamed dendron.json

Documentation Updates


Documentation for pods has been re-written to reflect recent changes with pods


Pod image courtesy of Ilana Lin

Dendron refers to pods as any tool or location that is used to hold information. Tools like Evernote and Roam are pods. Social media services like Twitter and Facebook are pods. Publication destinations like static sites and Medium are pods. Everything is a pod.

Pods let you do the following:

  • import your notes from any existing location into Dendron
  • export your notes from Dendron to any existing location
  • publish your notes from Dendron to any existing location

To access pods, Dendron exposes three commands:

  • Dendron: Import Pod: imports notes
  • Dendron: Export Pod: export notes
  • Dendron: Publish Pod: publish notes

NOTE: not all pods will expose all three commands. Each pod implementation can choose to implement any subset of the three commands.

0.13.1 (2020-10-21)


Generate table of contents when Publishing

  • publishing: generate toc when publishing (53ee270)


  • type: boolean
  • default: false

To generate a table of contents in a given note, enable this directive in the note frontmatter.

toc: true

You will also need to include the following line somewhere in the note body. Dendron will generate a table of contents when it finds that particular header

## Table of Contents

The output will look like the below.

  • NOTE: in order to generate a table of contents, the heading levels after ToC need to be at an equal level or greater than the heading level of Table of Contents
    • this is okay
      ## Table of Contents
      ## Header1
      ## Header2
    • this is not
      ## Table of Contents
      ### Header1
      ### Header2
  • publishing: set frontmatter overrides globally when publishing (782d637)


  • lookup: add contrast btw note/schema lookup (4faec8e)

Bug Fixes

  • publish: issues with Publish command in server mode (7f3789a)
  • lookup: re-enable schema suggestions on namespace (56ee6c4)
  • workbench: reload index will update tree view (deadedc)
  • lookup: display schema id if title undefined (6c7cc70)
  • seeds: update replace merge strategy to really replace (a02e08a)