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90% of all issues can be solved with one of the following steps:

  1. Reload your window. This is the equivalent of restarting your computer.
    • > Developer: Reload Window
  2. Check that all the recommended extensions are installed.
    • Make sure you have the necessary extensions by checking searching for @enabled dendron inside the extensions pane and making sure that you have the latest version of all dendron extensions.

Manual Install

To manually install a custom version of Dendron, first obtain the Dendron vsix file (most likely, Kevin will send you a dropbox link 😅). Afterwards, you can install it by the extended options in the extensions pane.


You can diagnose most problems by checking the logs. You can view the logs using the Open Logs Command

Server Logs

Dendron has two sets of logs - client and server. The client logs you can access using the Open Logs Command. You can access the server logs by following the tutorial here.


Error upgrading

Dendron will update keybindings/settings/etc to the latest defaults if not currently set on upgrade. If you see the above error, it means that Dendron had trouble parsing one of your settings files. This doesn’t stop dendron from starting but it does mean that the latest settings aren’t being applied.

The most likely culprit of this error is a bad snippets file. To fix, bring up the command prompt, type >Configure User Snippets, open dendron.code-snippets and see if there’s anything funky with the json on the line mentioned by the error. You can also use tools like jsonlint to validate your JSON.


I’m getting a you cannot define a mapping item when in a sequence when trying to define a schema

That means there’s an issue with your yaml. You can paste it in yaml lint to check that you are using the correct yaml syntax.

Schema Templates aren’t working

Schema templates are defined as YAML objects. The most common mistake is putting them down as a list

For example, this is a valid schema.

- id: journal
  title: journal
  desc: ""
  parent: root
    - daily
- id : daily
  namespace: true
    id: journal.template.daily
    type: note

This is not a valid schema.

- id: journal
  title: journal
  desc: ""
  parent: root
    - daily
- id : daily
  namespace: true
    - id: journal.template.daily
      type: note

Markdown Preview

Why can’t I click the checkbox?

It could be that you are using the VSCode default markdown instead of Dendron’s Markdown Preview.

They both have identical icons and its currently not possible to disable the builtin preview (we are looking into fixing this here).

Meanwhile, you can open Dendron’s markdown preview by clicking the preview button on the left of the menu bar or by using the > Markdown Preview Enhanced: Open Preview to the Side command

Markdown preview


Why does Dendron create root.* files in my vault?

  • Dendron currently creates a file and a root.schema.yml file where you initialize your vault. these files will be used in the future to automatically generate an index of everything in your vault. you may safely ignore them for now

What is the extra text that is created at the beginning of each note?

  • currently, you might see the following text added to the top of your note. This is additional metadata that Dendron uses to manage your files.
id: 4407f75d-7334-47a5-9f19-18b458618136
title: dendron.lookup.hello
desc: ''
updated: 1594078624566
created: 1594078624566
data: {}
custom: {}
fname: dendron.lookup.hello
parent: null
children: []

Why are there two book icons that do markdown preview?

We use an extension to do markdown preview. VSCode comes with its default markdown preview extension and its not currently possible to hide the button. You can re-open and upvote the issue here if you want to fix this.

How are hierarchies created?

Hierarchies today are created automatically when dendron crawls your folder for . delimited file names and custom schema.yml files.

Reference to Another Note on Ubuntu

If Ctrl+Shift+R (reference to another note) doesn’t work on Ubuntu, do sudo apt install xsel.