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Running Tests

All packages except the plugin

Run Task: Test (bootstrap)

Run all test for Dendron Plugin (plugin-core)

  1. Open the debug view
  2. Run Extension Integ Tests in the dropdown

Run a specific test for Dendron Plugin

  1. Open a test inside ‘src/test/suite-integ/’ from plugin-core
  2. Run the build task Extension Integ Tests - File

Run a specific test from non-dendron plugin package

  1. Go to file
  2. Use command prompt and run > Tasks: Run tasks
  3. Find the appropriate package and run > npm:test:watch {package}

Writing Tests

All packages have tests written in jest except plugin-core. these tests use mocha assertion because vscode has a special test harness built around mocha

Debugging Tests

You can put a breakpoint directly in any code that’s part of plugin-core and it’ll break at those points

Kevin’s Aside: If you need to debug a related package, I haven’t found a good way to put a break point. Instead, I manually insert a debugger statement and vscode will break. Don’t forget to remove the debugger statement