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Dendron allows you to reference content from other notes and embed them in your current note.

Currently, Dendron supports 3 types of references:

  • note references
  • block references
  • block range references

References have the following syntax

    ref: [[ NAME_OF_NOTE ]]                     # name of note, required
    #STARTING_HEADER                            # optional
    :#ENDING_HEADER                             # optional
  • NOTE: Dendron has a Copy Note Ref command that will copy the reference of the current note.


  • note references by default come with an outline. you can set the following to false in the settings to disable this behavior
"markdown-preview-enhanced.renderRefWithOutline": true


You can create a ref either by hand or using the Copy Note Ref command.

Copy Note Ref

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+r
    • mac: cmd+shift+r
    • when: editorFocus

Copies a reference to the current open document

Lets you quickly create a note reference to the current note.

If you have a header selected while running this command, it will copy the note ref with the selected header to the next note ref

Note Reference

A note reference will include the entire contents of a note within another note. Below is an example of a note reference.

((ref: [[dendron.demo.refs.sample]]))

Block Reference

A block reference will include the entire contents of a note starting from a specified heading.


Block Range Reference

A block range reference will include the contents of a note starting from a start header and ending at a end header.


Note Reference Offset

A note reference offset is a way to skip a number of lines when using a note reference. The syntax is ,{number}. Below is an example of using a note reference offset to offset an initial heading, skipping the actual header when doing the embeding.

  • NOTE: currently, note reference offsets are limited to the first anchor inside a block reference. They must also be a positive value

Wildcard Header Reference

When you’re referencing a header by reference, sometimes you don’t care what the next header is, just that the reference covers all text up to the next header. You can now specify this using the * symbol in a header reference.

For example, the following would reference the content from header1 to the next header.


Recursive Reference

Note references can refer to notes with references inside. Dendron current supports references two levels deep. This applies to both the local preview as well as publishing.