I'm Kevin.

For as long as I learned to use VIM, I've been obsessed with knowledge management and better ways of doing it.

It was trying to answer these questions that led me to experiment and ultimately built my own system for note-taking. Much like ML, the insight I had is that general knowledge, once cleaned up and structured, becomes orders of magnitude more useful.

I launched Dendron to see if this system I developed would work for anyone else - now 3000 commits and an order of magnitude more downloads later, I'm starting to believe that it does.

What makes Dendron powerful is our ability to let users organize their information in a way that's most useful to them. Dendron takes many of the affordances developers are used to in code, like abstractions (note references), refactoring, and symbol lookup and applying it to general knowledge.

Our mission is to help humans manage any amount of information and we are doing so by making managing information more like managing code.

The words of Vannevar Bush, originator of the memex, is our guiding star.

"We are overwhelmed with information and we don't have the tools to properly index and filter through it. [The development of these tools, which] will give society access to and command over the inherited knowledge of the ages [should] be the first objective of our scientist" - Vannevar Bush, 1945

The Dendron Team

I'm Kevin Lin.

Founder & CEO

Hey, I'm Kevin. I was born in China, grew up in Germany, became a Canadian citizen, and now work in the states (Seattle, WA).

Besides note-taking, I'm into podcasts, salsa dancing, and long-distance running. I typically sprain my ankle at least twice a year from the latter and currently have one ligament holding my right ankle in place.

I like good coffee and strong whisky and I'm always on the lookout for either.

I'm Jonathan.


Hi, I'm Jonathan.
I'm a software engineer at Dendron.

I've always felt regret when forgetting knowledge that I had worked so hard to obtain in the past. What do I have to show for money spent on college tuition? Hopefully, that question bothers me more than my parents who sponsored my education.

There's no use dwelling on the past, but I look forward to growing up my knowledge base in a permanent and queryable way with Dendron.

I grew up in the United States and had the privilege of living in diverse places - Memphis, Los Angeles, and Seattle. I've been living in Asia for the past few years, spending time in Hong Kong and now Beijing.

I'm Mark Hyunik Choi.

Software Engineer

Hey, I'm Mark. Software engineer at Dendron.I've been taking notes in various degree of capacity ever since I was able to write. Currently spending time working on Dendron and consolidating my note taking experience to build an awesome tool that can help other people take notes more easily.

Currently based in Seoul, South Korea, but I've moved a lot during my short time of existence so far; upwards of 40 times.
I studied in Canada during my undergrads and ventured into doing research in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) for a short while after that, then worked in property tech before starting at Dendron.

I'm Kaan Genç.

Software Engineer

I was born in Izmir, Turkey. It's a warm city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. After graduating from a
Software Engineering bachelors degree in Izmir, I moved to Ohio, got married,
adopted 2 dogs, and started working at Dendron. And I'm currently about to
graduate from Ohio State University with a MS in Computer Science!

I've been programming since high school, and I have been using Linux full time
since around 2015. I love programming and designing software: I see it as a sort
of craft and art, somewhat like carpentry or architecture. Outside work I
bicycle, crochet, and garden.

I'm Joshi.

Software Engineer

Hey everyone 👋  My name is Harshita Joshi. I'm a developer currently based in India. During my school days, I volunteered to participate in `Student Exchange Programs` therefore I did my studies from different states.

I have always been a creative person at heart and it seeps in the solutions I find while working on a problem. I have been journaling all my life for personal ogranisation and working on an application that does that couldn't have come at a better time :). After discovering Dendron, it has become my second brain.

I spend most of my weekends playing ukulele and reading Novels/Anime.

I am an equal admirer of both cat and dog family. I have heard we are rare 😉

I'm Nickolay Kondratyev.

Software Engineer

Hello all! My name is Nickolay, was born in Russia and moved to USA at the beginning of high school, lived there ever since, mostly in California with 2 years living up in Seattle.

Studied Computer Engineering in college, half of which was all about Electrical Engineering that I never really used in my career :). Largest chunk of my career was in Amazon Prime Video primarily building and improving the video publishing process.

I still think C# is my favorite language even though I haven't coded in it in over half a decade now. And started to work in Dendron to improve what I hope is the last tool I will need to for personal knowledge management.

I'm John.

Executive Assisstant

Hi! I'm John, Kevin's Executive Assistant!

I am based here in the Philippines. I am a family-oriented, jolly person and a risk-taker when it comes to outdoor activities. I love adventures, long drives, trekking, and hiking. I enjoy exploring our beautiful nature and wander through the natural world. When I was a kid, my dream was to become a Doctor or any profession connected to the medical industry.

As a child, I thought of helping people in need of medical assistance (free of charge); however, fate brought me to a different path, and the rest is history. A big part of my work experience is in customer service. I have also worked as a Financial Consultant. I always believe that life is a continuous learning process and that it takes sweat, determination, and hard work to become successful.

I'm Derek.

Dendron Evangelist

I started in tech with a focus on Linux Administration, before bopping around various companies such as AWS and VMware. I'm currently working remotely out of Minnesota, USA.

I started Story Influx Press as an umbrella company to do tech contract work, learn about publishing, and generate print-ready PDFs via Open Source tools. My interests led to producing weird art, with scanography, and strange stories like A Narrative in Flux, Fist Fight in Hell, and Nostalgia under pen names.
I have a mind on fire, and previously struggled to harness everything I learned into what I'd create.

Dendron has become one of the most helpful tools in my toolbelt. Ontop of that, Dendron’s open source community has felt like the right place to be.